KLASSE denkt met ons mee

Ook Klasse – de website die onderwijsprofessionals informeert, versterkt, waardeert, activeert en verbindt – wil ouders & kinderen mee op weg zetten om in deze periode van thuis-onderwijs, wegvallende hobby’s, … structuur te bieden !

U kan o.a. tips & structuurkaarten terugvinden door te klikken op onderstaand logo :

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  69. In D. Keyson, M. Maher, N. Streitz, A. Cheok, J. Augusto, R. Wichert, G. Englebienne, H. Aghajan & B. Kröse (Eds.), Ambient Intelligence Lecture Notes in Computer Science (Vol. Human Design was in the peripheral of my awareness as my partner mentioned it a few years ago. A professional needs to listen to all the thoughts of a client and subsequently do all in his power to make them a reality. http://tinyurl.com/2o5an9lz Important American technological contributions during the period of the Industrial Revolution were the cotton gin and the development of a system for making interchangeable parts, the latter aided by the development of the milling machine in the US.

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  80. What made folksonomy different from previous tagging was the inclusion of identity and a collective (not collaborative) voice that intelligent semantics can be applied to. Morris’ work, along with the rest of the Private Press movement, directly influenced Art Nouveau. Three days after I’d uploaded my soothing rain sounds, my video had three views. http://is.gd/PDOVnA Bodystorming requires role playing, and by involving the physical body the process helps to uncover human responses and emotions to the solution you have designed in a particular context.

  81. Through readings, discussions, and the exploration of examples and heuristics, the course draws the student’s attention to the need to develop their design eye for contextual integration of user and population theory within design practice. She suggested global development professionals interested in HCD consider the value it might bring to the work that they do, or find components of HCD that fill gaps, which in the case of PSI was in making markets work for its end user. Whatever the draw, there is serious creativity and work involved in the best origami. http://is.gd/HFamdy These packages are executed using the same processes that HPD use to organize our own websites.

  82. But even though there are so many pet-friendly homes in the country, most people are probably unaware that their pet is much more than just a furry best friend. Your ego is what people mean when they say to follow their heart’s desire. http://tinyurl.com/2fxh7bl7 The University of Miami MFA in Interactive Media is combining technology and design to improve human life.

  83. When I began, I had no idea I would be doing and enjoying this They block too much heat from coming in and protects us from strong winds. http://clck.ru/ymREm Mostly as client work, I started a project with a business planning/strategy team of Japanese companies in various industries.

  84. Nuance, one of my office mates used Dragon Dictate, which is a dictation program to send emails sometimes. Swiss wingsuit enthusiast Ueli “Sputnik” Gegenschatz currently holds the world record for the longest recorded wingsuit flight. http://is.gd/PDOVnA The sample and tissue information I need is in the colData frame, but I had to use the function separate() to separate multiple variables of interest that were combined into one column.

  85. And importantly, how do we measure the results and impact of such a transformation? 3. The communion that we have with Christ does not mean we share part of His divine nature or Godhead, or that we’re equal to Him in any way. http://tinyurl.com/2f7czvrw We’ve also recently seen big players like Google, eBay, and LinkedIn invest in the design of more integrated and sophisticated user experiences.

  86. Medieval artists often showed God Himself as The Master Craftsman, holding a great pair of dividers. The difference between the meaning people put behind those words is really slight and blurred that it is easy not to notice it at all. http://is.gd/PDOVnA Dembski states that when something exhibits specified complexity (i.e., is both complex and “specified”, simultaneously), one can infer that it was produced by an intelligent cause (i.e., that it was designed) rather than being the result of natural processes.

  87. Jeff Foust reports that while the agency now says that was a misunderstanding, it’s still facing a challenge to keep the mission funded and on schedule. Although aborted attempts at indoor waste disposal have been discovered as far back as 2,500 B.C., it wasn’t until Sir John Harrington created an inspired water closet design in the 16th century that indoor plumbing became a practical reality. http://tinyurl.com/2krj2gce He was initially part of the MULTICS effort through Bell Labs, and then went on to create UNIX.

  88. Your eye should go right to the headline. PokГ© Ball Factory, in addition to normal PokГ© Balls, Luxury Balls, and Safari Balls, although the last ones were not shown. http://is.gd/R2gI34 Participants develop the charrette curriculum and learn about teaching practices, including how to manage the complexities of a K-12 classroom.

  89. Emporis GmbH. “John Hancock Center”. “Proximity flying” is the practice of flying a wingsuit close to the faces and ridges of mountains. Bardock has a strong suspicion that Frieza is up to something when he receives an order on his scouter for all Saiyans to return home, so he convinces Gine to send their infant son in a space pod to Earth. http://tinyurl.com/2j5n8joc One of the neat things about social media is that it has this ability to trick people into writing.

  90. Dominic Selwood (29 January 2014). Here are the seven principles of Human-centred design. http://clck.ru/ymREn The Wayfarer sunglasses were very first made popular by Hollywood’s bad boy, James Dean.

  91. Expressing ourselves through the visual arts helps people heal their minds and our bodies. As we go through the solution keep in mind that we’ll try to make very few assumptions about Pong because we secretly don’t really care about Pong; We care about complex, high-dimensional problems like robot manipulation, assembly and navigation. http://tinyurl.com/2lmxfv6f While some look up to search for large asteroids that could be potentially hazardous, others look down at meteorites left behind by past impacts.

  92. As a result of this invention, huge engineering tasks were accomplished five thousand years ago that match the best present performances in mass production, standardization, and meticulous design. The Tel-Aviv School : a constrained rationalism. It was believed that Miss Genevra Weasley’s refusal to take part in the project was made in solidarity with Mr Potter, with whose name hers had been linked since the battle. http://is.gd/rdzOdV 2018-03-10: I recently switched off the “Trim Silence” mode.

  93. Cables — All the components we’ve mentioned so far are connected by some combination of cables. There are multiple reasons that caused the decline of the Pelusium fortress. http://tinyurl.com/2fe7ujyo What happened to me shouting i would

  94. One of the goals of the ideation phase is to come up with a wide range of ideas – some might be too difficult to realistically implement, but the point is to think as creatively and freely as possible. All SpaceX launches after 16 March used AFSS. Introduced in the 1994 film The Lion King, Walt Disney Animation’s 32nd animated feature, the character subsequently appears in The Lion King II: Simba’s Pride (1998) and The Lion King 1ВЅ (2004) as well as the 2019 remake of the original film. http://is.gd/cuBSZ7 That was my parents’ retirement, and basically their life.

  95. This implies that you are actually capable of recognizing these unconscious traits in yourself. To improve internet governance, the report recommends involving all stakeholders in decision procedures, and adopting human rights impact assessments (a section on human rights considerations should become as normal as one on security considerations). 2021-04-26: How am I doing right now? http://is.gd/R2gI34 What makes it different from other vessels like yachts or pontoons?

  96. Muskelkraftflugzeuge und Anwendungen. Deutsche Gesellschaft fГјr Luft und Raumfahrttechnik, Oktober 1990, Bonn. We get to see more clearly our need for Christ, how His obedience was perfect. When the first wave of Baby Boomers began hitting college age, the state of California discovered that the UC system as it existed was not nearly enough to meet their needs. http://tinyurl.com/2jjdvr4t Industrialisation led to the creation of the factory.

  97. Fraulein Maria might be onto something after all. Housing was provided for workers on site. These tips are about the structure and layout of the pages. http://is.gd/p5fQ3i Internal ribs help form the shape.

  98. If I inform then I’ve done my part. Because of this, their health and wellbeing is often an amplified version of their environment. http://clck.ru/ymREu 2018-12-26: We are all poets now → Every word counts.

  99. The greatest danger of pop-science is the unquestioned assumption that life should be led “scientifically.” That we should “look for evidence,” “question everything,” and universally “challenge authority” (unless that authority is a professor). The oxidation of methane can produce both ozone and water; and is a major source of water vapor in the normally dry stratosphere. 1. Our Lord Jesus, on the night He was betrayed, put in place the sacrament of “His body and blood”, which we call the Lord’s Supper. http://is.gd/1dlxSx PHP being one of the most effective open source scripting language is getting its credit now and more and more companies have started using PHP for development of dynamic websites and customized web applications.

  100. This means that the designers must anticipate errors and provide ways to recover. Must be nice to be psychic. http://is.gd/Mfcm4V A complex system is a system composed of many components which may interact with each other.

  101. Don’t go beyond what’s typical for new or improved baths in your home’s price range. Communicate recommendations and document requirements clearly (verbally and in writing) with internal staff, non-technical clients, and technical partners. We could throw out a lot of the old crap and simply start afresh. http://tinyurl.com/2e62qtr6 I double click on the file, it opens.

  102. 2018-03-19: A good book is the one that makes you shout at a character to not do a thing he’s doing. The UN Environment Assembly Bureau assists the President in the general conduct of business of the UN Environment Assembly. When a plough hits a rock or other solid obstruction, serious damage may result unless the plough is equipped with some safety device. http://tinyurl.com/2fe7ujyo Regardless of type of Poké Ball, Fling will fail if the user is holding one.

  103. That compass is Human Design – a relatively new esoteric personality profiling system based on what we call our “design” at birth. It’s no difference to Human Design and Gene Keys. http://tinyurl.com/2pdfqvt3 And so on-not just for the dial but for every part of the device.

  104. That part puzzles us, wed as we are to the notion that academic and manual knowledge don’t mix. Goku regularly appears on Fuji TV. Other inventors increased the efficiency of the individual steps of spinning (carding, twisting and spinning, and rolling) so that the supply of yarn increased greatly. http://is.gd/iyouVH Because with your gifts also comes the opposite, which will be the challenges and the spaces where you can learn and grow.

  105. If you really want to know about all this in detail, the information is available. Because if your chair’s not adjusted properly, you could actually get hurt. http://is.gd/MYVjYJ I want you to do what feels aligned for you.

  106. Numerous tests and calculations have shown that it is virtually impossible to burn high-purity, nuclear-grade graphites.” On Chernobyl, the same source stated: “Graphite played little or no role in the progression or consequences of the accident. Due to preprocessing every one of our inputs is an 80×80 difference image (current frame minus last frame). http://tinyurl.com/2qlkul3l A good example would be composting organic matter and using manure as fertilizer.

  107. This area represents instinctive and intuitive awareness. The software can then create a three-dimensional model by triangulating the identical points in each photo. http://tinyurl.com/2e62qtr6 State planning policies variously provide more specific standards for adoption of WSUD practices in particular circumstances.

  108. Therefore, the NTM has to do soft read and write operations. These spectrograms are then fed into a CNN and the embeddings are extracted and quantized into 128 8-bit features. One chance to prove that emotional power arose with the need to create a “please don’t downgrade” page. http://tinyurl.com/2lmxfv6f Every environment and space can incorporate materials and choices to reducing environmental impact, while still providing durability and functionality.

  109. In my last participation in Google Launchpad in Romania as a leading mentor, I had the opportunity to make a presentation in front of all startups about what a good product is. They’re frequently provided with particular tattoos to mark him or her as above the ordinary people of their local community. http://tinyurl.com/2zowzcas International Organization for Standardization.

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